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*FREE*Butterfly Spotter Activity Sheet

Use the Butterfly Spotter Activity Sheet to get the children outside applying their Science and knowledge in an active way. The children will need to look for butterflies and appreciate where these animals create habitats while using literacy skills to describe them. 

Here are some top tips to help with the Butterfly Spotter Activity Sheet:

  1. Plant lots of wildflowers in your garden these attract butterflies as well as bees. Use ideas from the RHS to help with this.
  2. Buy some butterflies from Insectlore and watch them grow from caterpillar to butterfly. 
  3. Make stick butterflies using clay to attach leaf wings to the stick and fly them around your outdoor space. Or plant them into the ground.

Remember there are many charities out there looking after our wildlife, it is time we all take notice and understand the importance of caring for nature. Chris Packman can help with directing you to many charities that are supporting wildlife. The Butterfly Conservation is also an incredible site to visit for more information on ways you can help. 

We must all look to helping nature and doing regular session outdoors using natural resources is really going to help the children achieve this. Furthermore the children get so many mental and physical benefots from this approach.

For the best nature-related videos head to National Geographic for Kids. They have some incredible resources!
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