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The Muddy Puddle Teacher was created in 2018 and is a teacher-created company that has been successfully supporting schools to solve many educational issues, such as speech and language issues, physical and mental health, supporting children who are neurodivergent and giving children a love for learning using the platform of the outdoors. We have a 100% success rate, and all of our schools that have done our training are balancing indoor teaching with the outdoors. See our reviews. 


We use a much-loved, trademarked outdoor learning approach. Created by senior leader and teacher of 14 years, Sarah Seaman PGCE/MA. This approach is the first to have been created by experienced teachers specifically for schools. A lot of attention has been given to methods to ensure that lessons are not taken outside to tick a box but because they have a depth of learning to them that the indoor classes could not provide. We not only have methods to teach methods using only natural and upcycled materials but also for areas that make and craft an outstanding lesson—such as differentiation, talk time, teacher focus, working with TAs, and extending and supporting. 


What also separates us from others is that all our staff at The Muddy Puddle Teacher are in-class teachers. We pride ourselves on our close relationships with our schools and nurseries to best support their new adventures outside throughout the seasons. We are also passionate about each of our schools tailoring our approach to the needs of their school, staff & pupils. Book a chat with us to learn more. 


We have 500 whole school-trained schools in the United Kingdom, 23,000 trained educators and three international schools. 


Sarah, owner and founder, also has a published book out with Bloomsbury, a successful podcast and a weekly feature on BBC Radio. 


If you would like to know more about how we can help you solve any educational issues you have using the outdoor platform, please book a chat with us. It will be with an experienced teacher consultant who will give you the best advice and the best fit for you and your school to have success teaching outdoors. All training also comes with a free year’s subscription to our site.  Book a chat now. 




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