Accredited Training FAQ

What is involved in the training?

Your training will be a mix of some sections to read and research around, as well as practical tasks that you need to do with the children you normally educate. If this is children in school or nursery, that’s fine. If you’re a childminder, then at your home is also fine.  Our training works around you. We get you to personalise and make this approach work both for the children’s and your own individual needs.

What will I submit at the end?

If you plan to complete stages 1-4 to become a Muddy Puddle Teacher you must save the work you do from each stage and submit the following at the end. You do not need to contact us after you have finished each stage.  Just continue through until the end at your own pace.
  • A minimum of two lessons plans that have all or sections of our approach being used – no names to be disclosed, please
  • A minimum of two samples of some of the activities completed. We like you to tailor this approach to your setting and children so not all tasks may be appropriate. But we like to make sure all areas are covered. So this could be a reflective brainstorm, risk assessment.  Up to you. It is important to note all activities are in place to better support you and for you to have outstanding outdoor learning practice and policies in place to show managers, leaders, inspectors and governors.
  • Completed questionnaire assessment given in Level 4.
If you plan to complete just one stage at a time, then submit the following in each stage: two activities of your choice plus a brief summary of the key outcomes you have gained.

How long will it take me?

That is up to you. You have three years to complete the training. On average, it takes around 3 months

What will I gain from it?

The Muddy Puddle Teacher Award has four stages to become a fully recognised Muddy Puddle Teacher. All levels must be done to achieve this and can be done in any order.  Or you can do each level at a time being awarded Level 1 MPT. Level 2 MPT, Level 3 MPT and Level 4 MPT. Level 1 MPT – Beginner Outdoor Learning Practioner Level 2 MPT – Noice Outdoor Learning practitioner Level 3 MPT – Intermediate Outdoor Learning practitioner Level 4 MPT – Advanced Outdoor Learning Practitioner – Practicing Muddy Puddle Teacher To access 5 and 6 you must have achieved level 4 status Level 5 MPT – Outdoor Learning Coordinator Role Level 6 MPT – MPT Teacher Award Trainer and can train staff members on the approach

Once you have submitted your portfolio, this will be assessed by a qualified teacher and Muddy teacher and, if successful, you will be sent a certificate, unique training number, crest for publications, CPD points and a Muddy Hooray on social media (if you want it!)

What if I am not successful?

If we read your portfolio and see that there are some areas you have not fully understand then we help you. We are here to help you achieve success, just as we are for the children we teach. However, rest assure the programme itself is very thorough and is set for success!


There is more chance for success!  If you review us through Trustpilot once you have completed your course, you could win your whole school the chance to gain a Muddy Puddle Subscription!


Please ensure you take safety seriously and that school management, headteachers, parents, staff and others are contacted and well informed of the training you’re doing and the tasks involved.