What is the Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach? 


What is different about our outdoor learning training from others is that it has been created by teachers specifically for schools and nurseries. Plus, we have developed a specific approach to help make the teaching of outdoor learning easy for the practitioner but also to help with the quality of our sessions and to ensure we are out there for a reason. 

The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach is a much-loved teaching method created by teachers to better support vulnerable learners. Including those children who struggle to meet average age expectations, neurodivergent children and those with varying learner types who typically do not flourish from an indoor environment and indoor methods. The approach is worksheet-free, book free and uses active, playful methods to engage children in academic areas of learning.  The resources and training provide lessons for all curriculum areas, including maths and English and support the EYFS, NC, Curriculum for Excellence and Welsch Curriculum. 

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The method involves teaching the curriculum using the outside to allow space, freedom for movement, collaboration, rich speech and language opportunities, and time for play. This is alongside only using natural materials to teach with. This creates an environment of learning that has enhanced creativity, cross-curricula links, and sensory experiences and is entirely sustainable and caring to the outside space. 

Children who this approach can have profound benefits from: 

  • Neurodivergent children, including autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and Aspergers. 
  • Children of varying learner types who do not stereotypically learn from an inside environment and indoor methods. Including those will slow processing speeds. 
  • Lower ability or working towards children who thrive in active, collaborative and practical teaching methods.
  • Obese or children with poor fine and gross motor skills.
  • Children with SEMH – the outdoors has been proven to positively impact both the child and educators’ mental and physical well-being.
  • Children with speech and language difficulties – our approach provides an open, non-judgmental space for children to express themselves and have more peer conversations.
  • EAL – for children with additional languages, the outdoors can provide like-for-like opportunities so children can experiment with and use their own and new languages. 

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What ages is this for?


Typically from babies to age 11 years.  However, we have Special needs schools up to secondary, inclusion units and secondary schools supporting those still at the primary level using our approach. 


Who can do the training? 


We have different pathways. One route for those in formal settings such as schools and nurseries such as early years educators, LSA’s and teachers. Another is for home settings such as childminders and home educators.

There are different pathways for the different age ranges. If you educate all ages, then go down them all! 



Are you like Forest Schools? 

We are NOT Forest School. We often get confused with Forest School, but we are entirely different.  Many of our schools have Forest Schools and Muddy Teachers trained and use both approaches effectively. 

Forest School is holistic and encourages high risks to promote social and emotional well-being, such as tools and fire and typically is in a woodland area with prolonged amounts of time outside, such as a full day or entire afternoon.  The Muddy Puddle Teacher is an Outdoor Learning Approach, essentially an extension of inside teaching and taking lessons outside. We typically use our school grounds and there are no set periods to stay there.  It can be anything from 10 minutes to full days in the summer. 

What is involved in The Muddy Puddle Teacher Training?


Individuals & International Schools

Individuals and schools abroad typically take the online route and complete the training using an easy-to-use online format. It is very interactive with audiobooks and demonstration videos. It has four stages and each stage takes around 2 hours.  There is no written work, just a  questionnaire to ensure you get the most from us.  You send that once complete and we send back a certificate and a unique MPT Code; a crest can also be requested. 


Whole Schools or Nurseries

We offer 1-year mentorships to schools and nurseries. We have a 100% success rate with this method. 

  • 1 x Initial Meeting – Create a bespoke plan with us, just for you and your school. Initial talks will create aims and action plans with your allocated teacher-consultant.
  • 1 INSET Day or 2 Twilight Training Sessions on the Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach
  • 1 Year Subscription to all of our Resources and Additional Courses
  • 4 x Additional Zoom Training Sessions per season to cover Q&A and offer additional support

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How much does it cost?


Individual Subscribers

Silver Subscription – Resources only account – £99.99 yearly

Gold Subscription – Resources and Training – £199.99 yearly

Platinum Subscription – Mentorship and includes resources, training and one-to-one consultant support £299.99 yearly 


Whole School & Nursery 1 year Mentorship 

Please email us for a quote – info@themuddypuddleteacher.co.uk

Sports and Pupil Premium can be used

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