10 minute rain activities (KS2)

10 minute rain activities (KS2)

Use 10 minute rain activities (KS2) to help get the older kids outside loving life for all it gives us.  Encouraging children to go outside all weathers is very important to their attitudes towards weather and to be thankful for rain.  Rain is essential and we should embrace it. 

National Geographic has lots of wonderful information on rain and the impact we are having on the weather due to global warming. 

What can children learn in the rain? 

  • The water cycle
  • Global warming
  • Capacity
  • Measure
  • Materials

How can going out in the rain improve wellbeing?

  • Encourages children to let go and be themselves
  • It makes children laugh and smile
  • It makes children connect with one another
  • It encouraes children to have fun with the simplest things

The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach is more than just ideas for the outdoors.  We help schools keep children active, be more sustainable, prioritise wellbeing and to care for their staff. For us the outdoors helps massively for us to achieve this but most of our ideas can be taken inside too. 

If you are a teacher struggling and you need some wellbeing support then please do head over to our wellbeing hub and listen to our podcast. 

To find more packs that support children going out in the rain.  Head over to our resources and use the top bar to search.

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