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Worry Leaves (Outdoor eBook)

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Worry Leaves

⇒This eBook can be read outdoors in indoors, with tasks to do outdoors after

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We will experience:

  • Listening to a story and understanding what it means and its purpose
  • A wellbeing method to help calm worries

The activities involved are: 

  • Speaking and Listening
  • Games
  • Wellbeing methods

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Accredited CPD Muddy Puddle Teacher Training ®Worry Leaves is an inspirational bit of literature to help children open up and have a method to deal with their worries. 

Our Outdoor eBooks are very popular. Read them indoors or outdoors, with the activities being all nature-based and for the outside!

Are you looking for ideas to embed wellbeing? Try some of these.

– Place one leaf in the centre of you all. Everyone now has to get one leaf. Let’s see how quickly something can spread, just like a worry in our minds. 

– What wise words do your parents or grandparents tell you that you find helpful? Do the Muddy Walk and Talk to help open children up. Children get in a circle, partner up and walk clockwise while they discuss their thoughts. 

– Try doing the Worry Leaves Method. Take a leaf, tell it your worries, tear it into pieces and watch it blow away with the wind. 

– Collect up some leaves and draw different faces for different moods and dangle them in trees. 

Find more wellbeing activities on the site such as Happy Feet, Mood Leaves & Clearing Cloudy Minds


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