worry leaves

Well-being: Worry Leaves

Worry Leaves

This lesson plan will cover the following objectives:

  • A chance to talk and be open with our feelings.
  • To recognise our feelings and how to overcome them.
  • To think of ways to improve our moods and to deal with negative thoughts.

Muddy Tip – Ty this game idea for some positive play and a confidence boost

Play ‘Super Positive Power Leaves’ end the lesson on a high. Ask the children to gather another leaf up, but this one is not a naughty leaf. This one is a Super-Positive Power Leaf. Ask the children to find a leaf that looks radiant, super and colourful. Say something about yourself that is positive into the leaf or write on the leaf. Attach some string to it and dangle it in a lovely tree on your grounds. Or if you have no tree, try a fence! Do this every few weeks to keep the positivity rolling!

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