Spring Ideas for Early Years

Spring Ideas for Early Years

Spring has Sprung, and its time for some muddy outdoor learning! It is that time of year again where the weather warms a bit, and we can peel another layer off our muddies! Spring ideas for early years here we come…

Our advice is for every turn of a season, spend the full day outside. Give the children first-hand experience of the changes in weather and nature. Make clay bunnies and spring stick men, leaf art and other various literacy, art-based tasks.

Spring EYFS Ideas. Try some of these muddy puddle favourites too.

Maths – The Bunny Hop
Collect up some rocks and number them from 0-20. Maybe start this task as a whole class, then move to the children doing it themselves. Place the rocks in a row and let the children count while hopping over the rocks, like a bunny. Then take one away, then another, then another. See if they can remember the number. Try also going backwards to add mastery to their learning and take a more in-depth look at this learning area. Ask the children to point the even and odd numbers out. Maybe, take the numbers that are multiples of 10, 5 or 2?

Phonics – Sticky Sticks
For all of you Muddy Puddle-trained teachers out there, you will know that sticky sticks are a phonics favourite. Hand the children chalk, ask them to write words from the sound you are working on, and then ask them to read that word back to themselves using the sticky stick. The sticky stick can be any stick found in your space, or it can be one you have personalised (warning: the children can become very attached). The child then has to tap the sounds out and scrape to blend the word. Then, ask them to find another person’s word and use a sticky stick to blend their word.

Linking books is another great way to help get Spring in the Swing.

Here are some of our favourites

Spring by Ailie Busby

Little Bears Spring

Goodbye Winter Hello Spring

Everything Spring

Here are some great activity books for spring

The Gruffalo Spring and Summer Nature Trail

Getting Ready for Spring

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