muddy safety rules

Muddy Safety Rules (Poster)

Use Muddy Safety Rules to help put a safety policy in place that children can refer too. It is important that children understand that we have to be safe when we are outside and this poster will help you all adhere to one format.

We have lots of lovely muddy safety safety videos if you are wanting to focus more on this area of Outdoor Learning.

The institute of outdoor learning also provide lots of important safety information. Splash this way to get their advice.

Here are our top tips to take the learning safely out of the classroom.

  1. Make sure the children are wrapped up and are aware of the changes in the environment through seasons and different weather types. Take 2 minutes each time to look up and around your outdoor space.
  2. Teach the children good and positive rhymes so we are not telling them to pick things up but we are suggesting so they make their own good choice. Such as ‘Sticks stay low they tickle our toe, if they go high they poke us in the eye’.
  3. Create an understanding between you and the children that listening is still important when we learn outside so they know where the learning is going next.

What do you do if children are not safe outside?

Well, it does happen. Adhere to normal policy you would use in-class. Most children love to be outside but they can get giddy to a pint where their behaviour is dangerous and its a good lesson for them to learn that that has implications. As you can not control this out of school. Allow the child to reflect by giving them warnings and removing them from the space if it gives them time to reflect and learn. Outdoor Learning is delightful for most children and can improve behaviour but for some children they need a little more time and a realisation of the changes from indoor teaching to outdoor teaching.

If you are looking for more safety support try these fun outdoor games out.

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