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muddy friends

Muddy Friends Method

The Muddy Friends Method is an outdoor learning method that is an outdoor take on something you probably do a lot of inside but with the space constraints.  Our take on it will help children have the space and make it more physically active and enjoyable.  


This method involves the children saying or doing something and using themselves as the props needed for the lesson.  For example, the children are doing their spellings.  They get into small groups and practice with each child saying a letter of the word, if they get it wrong they have to start again from the start.  For example, a group of children have been asked to practice the spelling of ‘from’.  Jessica says ‘f’, Natalie says ‘r’, Assad says ‘o’, Bill says ‘m’.  They then start the next word.  


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Forest School ToolSafety Poster

Forest School ToolSafety Poster

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