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8 Spring Ideas for 5-7 year olds

Spring is here, hooray! Here are 8 Spring Ideas for 5-year olds

The weather should start to warm up now and offer you some more opportunities to go and do lots of outdoor learning!

The resources you choose will change too. Now be up for using more green stuff such as grass, leaves, and yellow plants coming through. 

Here are some top tips for ages 5 – 7 

  1. Grab some mud or clay and make a spring goblin. Use fresh green grass for hair and yellow petals from daffodils for arms and legs. 
  2. Make spring art, go and collect up some natural treasures, go back inside, make a spring picture, and label the items you have found. 
  3. Use the inaturalist app and learn the new bits of nature coming through and to identify nature. 
  4. Read some Spring book such as Harry Spring Walk to take an inside out approach. Read the book, then act out parts of it outside on a Spring day. 
  5. Find a dandelion and count the petals, count in 1’s, then 5’s and 10’s. 
  6. Play racing games and use a dandelion, daisy or daffodil as the baton and learn about the plant’s parts as you race to one side and the other by shouting the parts out. 
  7. Use our wonderful Spring Ebooks to help you take technology outside and to help the children scaffold scavenger hunts and more.
  8. Do a flower press, get some great tips here on the best way to do this. 

Find Outdoor Learning Spring resources here.

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