muddy natural tag

Natural materials are used in these plans e.g. rocks, leaves, sticks, mud and clay. 

The Natural Teacher.


Up-cycled products are used in these resources.  We use easily found and often used junk such as water bottles, glass jar lids, wellingtons, plastic bags. 


The feel-good teacher.

outdoor upcycling
reusing plastics

Normal school resources are used in these resources.  We do not want to ignore that we still remain in a modern society and there will still be lots of plastic resources that need using and reusing. Such as cones, bean bags parachute and hoops. 


The sharing is caring teacher. 

This product has ideas in that are basic and easy to apply.  Perfect if your new to outdoor learning or The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach. It may also be that your class is new to outdoor learning and need to start with easy applied activities. 

outdoor beginner level
Intermediate level

Products at this level are great for those who have now had some practice and are ready for activities involving more hands-on outdoor learning. 

Products with more complex skills. Ideal for those who are Muddy Puddle Teacher trained and had a lot of outdoor learning experience or anyone that likes to be thrown in the deep-end!

adavnced level