What is the Muddy Puddle Teacher Status? The Muddy Puddle Teacher Status is a training package offered to educational settings and their educators on an approach to quality and sustainable outdoor learning.

We take trainees through a muddy journey starting with setting up spaces and resources to engaging parents, making adaptations for individual needs, applying subjects such as Maths, English and Science and how to keep it manageable, cost-effective and sustainable. With sprinkles of Inspiration as to why this approach is such a relevant and modern teaching and learning approach. Read more on the importance of this approach by clicking here.

What key stage is it for? EYFS – KS2

Can anyone train? Teachers, TA’s, lunchtime supervisors, childminders, home educators, parents. In the UK or abroad. Our approach is very adaptable and we use mainly natural resources so that any interested parties no matter what setting can participate.

See the options for online training HERE.

How do I get The Muddy Puddle Teacher Status? To gain The Muddy Puddle Teacher status you need to complete Stage One to Stage Four of our Muddy Puddle Teacher Status and a certificate is awarded to you at the end. Do this online or hire Sarah, Chief MPT in.

What do I need to do to get The Muddy Puddle Teacher Status? You can do this online as an individual by clicking here or you can book us in for training and all of your staff can go through the training, just click here. We are also happy for schools to get together and cover the costs with a maximum of 50 staff per training session. Or you can do a combination of some in-person training and some online. All you need is all four stages completed. Online training has practical tasks to engage with but has no time limit.

The MPTS Stages

  1. The Muddy Set Up – Gathering resources, setting up your space, clothing, engaging parents, nature audits, policies and risk assessments.
  2. Muddy Methods- Ideas and Methods for core subjects such as Muddy Maths, Muddy Phonics, Muddy Reading and Muddy Writing. All idea packs can be purchased now from our Muddy Shop.
  3. Muddy Wellbeing – Muddy Yoga, Muddy Mindfulness, PSHE, citizenship and Muddy Circle Time.
  4. Muddy Management – Behaviour Policies, SEND, individual needs, gender stereotypes, differentiation, planning and assessment. Book now, online or face to face.
Lincoln Minster Phonics Training 2018

All packs for the training can be bought beforehand or after by clicking here. They include important forms needed to give you the start needed to successfully implement this approach. We recommend highly that you do purchase these.