• Please ensure the staff bring suitable clothing for the training.  Shoes you do not mind getting muddy in and a coat appropriate for the weather. Comfortable gym clothes are advisable.
  • It is the trainee’s responsibility to listen to safety information and only participate in activities that they are medically fit to do so.
  • We will try our very best to model activities outside but due to the dark evenings and demands of schools, needs such as spontaneous and unplanned building works, at times we may need to change plan and do this inside using film clips. But we will try our best to give practical ideas.
  • We do not supply refreshments or lunch for the trainees.
  • We do supply some handouts, our full range can be bought from our shop at www.themuddypuddleteacher.co.uk.
  • These sessions will not give specific ideas for each year group.  The staff themselves are encouraged to use our methods to create their own ideas using The Muddy Puddle Teacher approach. For specific ideas, we offer packs at www.themuddypuddleteacher.co.uk.
  • All ideas and opinions expressed are those of Sarah Seaman, The Muddy Puddle Teacher 😊
  • We request you to join her social media groups, YouTube, where she also blogs regularly in order to have a prior understanding of the model and method she will speak about in the training. https://www.facebook.com/groups/MuddyPuddleGroup/.  You can also find us on Twitter and Instagram @the_muddy_puddle_teacher.
  • Training can be cancelled up to 4 weeks prior to the event to gain a refund minus £100 admin fee.  Any cancellations made after this will receive no refund. 
  • Staff numbers need to be given to us one week before and cannot be changed after that time.
  • The schools outside space need to be safe and suitable.
  • We will accept no responsibility for what the staff do with our ideas after the training. They will be encouraged to engage in safe practical idea work beforehand. But this will be ultimately the responsibility of the setting.
  • Please appreciate that we will model as much as we can to you, but it will be the staffs and management responsibility to go back to your setting and practice these methods safely, to get the full impact of what we are teaching you.
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