Want to host our teaching training and get your setting trained for FREE ?

Our teacher training hosts get the outdoor learning training for free for up to 20 staff members. We do the hard work and put the tickets up for you and we will also promote them. All we ask is that you also promote the event too, to all of your local schools and contacts. Share amongst your cluster schools and Head Teacher meetings all eager to make changes towards outdoor learning. We do not charge if we do not sell enough tickets. We do the training over two two-hour twilights.
We would need two dates from you at times suitable for a 4-6pm training session and around 2-3 months apart.
*Must sell at least 10-20 tickets, this is agreed beforehand and depends on your location
outdoor learning training

Environmentally Friendly Teacher Training

We are committed in helping the education industry to reduce waste and to teach the next generations about being more environmentally friendly.  With eco-schools being taken out of the curriculum, schools have little to be accountable for in regard to waste and outdoor learning. It is down to each of them to consciously put this at the forefront and we know as teachers they have enough to do.  Our approach and teacher training was created with all of that in mind. 


A teaching approach that uses an outside-in curriculum.

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