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Outdoor Learning does not have to be “another ‘thing’”, extra workload for the teacher, or the latest start-of-term fad that drops off the radar by the Winter.  Outdoor Learning is incredible when it is done well and can impact on everyone in the school community, influencing a life-long love for learning. Some of you may be here because you have Forest School and want another approach to run along side, or you are considering other options. So let’s tell you more…

This outdoor learning approach was created by an experienced Primary School practitioner who is also Forest School trained. We know by speaking with other teachers all over the UK that for some, Forest School has become costly and therefore unmanageable. In addition, some settings are looking for an approach that spans both the conventional classroom and Forest School environments – if this is you, you’re in the right place! 

We are more ‘school focused’, The Muddy Puddle Teacher approach was created by a passionate class teacher with considerable leadership experience as Assistant  Head, SENCO and Staff Governor. This experience helps us understand the everyday demands of the modern classroom and our bespoke outdoor learning approach has been created with this in mind. 

In a muddy nut shell, we exclude fire and tools whilst still embracing the Forest School ethos. We link to the curriculum and we endeavour to use only natural and up-cycled resources where possible. In addition, we are affordable!  With our training programmes,  more staff can participate, ensuring the can be shared effectively. that has had to occur with the costly fees of forest school.  Not sure what this last phrase means , Sarah – sorry – me being dim I am sure!

Sarah Seaman, creator and teacher for over 11 years has spent two years developing this approach, collaborating with many other educators from across the world.  The end result is an outdoor learning approach costing virtually nothing to resource, that incorporates the curriculum whilst connecting children to nature. This is proven to have an incredible environmental impact as well as benefiting health and wellbeing across the whole school community. Find out more about the benefits of our approach here. 

What’s more is, we train you and continue to support you providing resources, an incredible social media influence and practical ideas you can pick up and run with. Leave us to the research and idea generation while your staff focus on teaching in all weathers.

Did you know sports premium can be used on our training products? We promote healthy and active lifestyles through outdoor learning.

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