Here are a few comments taken from our evaluation forms.

‘Thank you for inspiring us, more kids outdoors and off those Ipads’ Trainee Nursery Nurse, St Albans.

‘I have so many muddy ideas, I just want to get back to school now and try them out’ Trainee Teacher KS1, Leeds.

‘Sarah is so inspiring she is so passionate about this and tomorrow I am going to buy a better coat’ Trainee Teacher EYFS, Lincoln.

What do the parents and children think?

‘I didn’t know it was a Science lesson’, Year 5 child, Deer Park Primary.

‘I love getting muddy’, Child Age 4, Lambsetts Nursery.

‘My child loves these lessons, thank you so much for making learning fun for him’ FB comment, parent, 2018.

‘It is so nice to see my child coming home, tired out from an active day at school. I now know what a deciduous tree is and how to use sticks to encourage my child to count. It has got us out walking more too! Amazing’, Parent, Lambsetts Nursery.

What impact is our approach having?

‘Thank you so much for last night, lots of staff buzzing this morning and two focus activities went out this morning and one member of staff just bought me a beanstalk that a child had made out of leaves!! They were originally drawing a beanstalk, impact already!’

Headteacher, Alesdene Nursery.

Arlesdene Nursery, Cheshunt‌

Arlesdene Nursery, Cheshunt

Here are some of the schools we have aleady trained at

Wood Street Infant Guildford | Lincoln Minster Lincoln | Woodland View Primary Northampton | Deer Park Primary Chesterfield | Lambsetts Montessori Sheffield | Harthill Primary Sheffield | St John Fisher Ealing London | Wimbeldon Hall School London | Castle Special Needs School Cambridge |