Funding your outdoor learning journey is important and this page will help you to raise funds using your local communities as support.

If you are interested in applying for funding click here to get the most recent and up-to-date list.

Hold a ‘Muddy Puddles Day’. Ask children to come in outdoor gear. All bring £1 and go on a huge school muddy puddle walk!

Have a sponsored walk. Do this on a Saturday afternoon (after most children’s clubs have finished). Ask children to come with a parent/grandparent/aunt/uncle. Bring along £1 each and all go for a hike! Have different teachers leading different walks. Maybe a mini-one for the little guys and longer hikes for the older children. Such a great, feel-good day! Invite the local community too, get them outside and enjoying the fresh air!

Muddy Workshops. A bit like the school fair but all-natural and muddy! Each teacher has a station doing a different activity that is familiar to The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach. Such as leaf art, sticky phonics reading, stone counting and let each family pay £1 to come in and do all the activities.

Bring a stick to school day. We have a pack for this. Click here. On this very special day, the children bring a stick to school but also encourage a donation so you can raise funds to develop your outside space!

Ditch the plastic Day! A day whereby you try and not use plastic all day. We also supply a great pack for this too. Click here. Ask for a small donation to help your outdoor cause.

The new approach to outdoor learning.

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