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The outdoor learning teacher training, online option, is best suited to those who want a more flexible way to train as an outstanding outdoor practitioner and a Muddy Puddle Teacher. Pay per stage or purchase all four stages for a lower cost click here.



Outdoor Learning Teacher Training.


A new way to do outdoor learning.



The Outdoor Learning Teacher Training, online option, is the perfect solution for those who want flexibility but maximum impact on their outdoor learning skills. Train to become a Muddy Puddle Teacher through four stages and learn how to take academic subjects outside using natural and up-cycled resources. This stage focuses on the Muddy Subjects and will give you the tools and skills needed to learn how to take academic subjects outside using what you have around you.

Complete the training at your leisure and enjoy learning all about the impact this very powerful, environmentally friendly approach can bring to you and your children. You will learn how to use leaves to teach phonics and sticks for maths activities such as partitioning and fractions. While understanding how to encourage children and their families to get outside, keep fit, connect with nature and raised self-esteem. To learn more about our unique outdoor learning approach and more click here.

Once you have completed this stage you can simply continue to the next stage with a final questionnaire to engage with and support given if needed. The questionnaire is given to you in stage four and is a few simple questions.  This is to ensure you have understood, reflected and improved while using the online outdoor learning teacher training package and gained maximum impact from it.  Pay per stage or purchase all four stages for a lower cost and make a saving click here.

Want to ask a question or unsure if this is for you? Click live chat at the bottom right of your screen and a Muddy Puddle Teacher Consultant will be there to help 🙂 

What is involved? 

It consists of two hours reading and two hours of outdoor learning tasks, to be taught alongside the children whether that be in school or a home setting. This stage of the teacher training concentrates on creating a safe, purposeful and natural environment for you to then teach outdoor learning in while getting you to concentrate on the relationship with parents, clothing and weather changes.

We use only natural and upcycled resources which makes our outdoor curriculum very cost-effective, manageable and unique. Read about our Muddy Green Promise here.

To learn more about our unique outdoor learning approach and more click here.

We also do some inspiring and innovative teaching resources that can be used before or after training. They’re almost like mini-training sessions on there own. Click here to view Muddy Circle Time. Click here for our best-selling category Muddy Phonics.   

See a sample of our resources here and see why our products are muddy great!

Who can do this? 

Anyone across the world can work with this inspiring outdoor learning approach and complete the teacher training.  Many have had great success, our 5-star reviews tell you so. The UK can use sports and pupil premium to cover costs and come together as clusters. An age range is not specified in the training it will ask you to refer to your own curriculums and class. So that you can tailor this approach to your specific needs and to gain your own personal and professional stamp on the approach. To get more information about the online training and for more advice click here. 

If you are looking for whole school outdoor learning training click here and browse in-house options or have us in. We now also do a Muddy Quality Mark to make you a recognised Muddy Puddle School and to let the world know that your setting has outstanding outdoor learning practice.

Curriculum Coverage 

UK – EYFS & KS1 & KS2 ( To see outdoor learning teaching resources click here) 

World – Ages 4 – 11 years ( To see outdoor learning teaching resources click here)

Suitable For

Those working with children and curriculums. You need to be an educator and are able to link to your curriculum. Teachers and TA’s and nursery teachers and managers and childminders and daycare providers and home educators. Special needs teachers we have resources for you here. Any English speaking country will get value from this online outdoor teacher training and start making a difference no matter where you are in the world. We all have nature, right? We have Muddy Puddle Teachers all over the world and you could be the next one making an impact with your outdoor learning. Why not start today? 🙂

Are you not involved in an educational setting but thinking of setting a nature club/after school club up? 

Click here to get some information on this and start your nature club today! 

Click here to see our directory of muddy puddle schools, teachers, childminders and other outdoor learning practices. 


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Who said Outdoor Learning was easy? We know it isn’t and we are here to help 🙂

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1 review for Outdoor Learning Teacher Training | Stage Two | Online

  1. Suzie Catterdown

    Loved this stage. Really got me experimenting and testing. I honestly came alive after this section and to see the impact on the children was very lovely. Some of my more challenging and lower able boys are expected (the right age level) in phonics now!

    • The Muddy Puddle Teacher

      Thank you 🙂

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