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Sign up to this course to ensure that your children and staff know all about how to use natural resources safely! Make sure they know all about loose parts and up-cycled materials, and how to retrieve them carefully. Access our safety samples and risk assessments guidance now!

This pack includes...
Handbook of editable outdoor learning policies
Sample risk assessments
Outdoor learning audit and plan


Frequently asked questions

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This pack is for educators planning activities for children of all ages. It covers PSED, Communication, Management and Coordinators. It’s an absolute must for Coordinators, Management, Nurseries, Child-minders and Holiday Clubs. 

You don’t need this pack if you’ve already purchased Stage One as you’ll already have access to it.

Once you’ve completed your purchase you’ll be able to immediately download the resource in PDF format. We’ll also send the resource to you as an email attachment so that you always have it handy in your inbox.

Outdoor Learning Safety Pack Bundle 
As you progress on your Muddy journey, you’ll need to think about creating a whole school approach. Do your children and staff know how to use natural resources safely? Are they aware of loose parts and up-cycled items? Do they know how to retrieve items carefully? You’ll need this pack to make sure they do! Why? Because you’ll get access to all of our safety samples and risk assessment guidance.