Connecting Children with Nature | Ideas Pack | Early Years

This EYFS ‘Muddy Puddle Adventures’ pack is for EYFS practitioners that want to do regular, weekly, monthly nature lessons. This activity pack will give you enough ideas and activities to fill a year’s worth of fun, engaging science/UTW lessons.

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Outdoor Learning Nature Lessons – Summary

This early years outdoor learning nature lesson, ideas pack, is for EYFS practitioners that want to introduce weekly outdoor nature sessions.  All of the outdoor learning activities involve the children connecting with nature while following many areas of the EYFS as stated below.   We guarantee this will be the best bit of their week! Learn more about the need to connect with nature from this BBC article on nature deficit disorder. Click Here. 

Curriculum Coverage

ELG07 –
They work as part of a group or class and understand and follow the rules.
They adjust their behaviour to different situations and make changes in routine in their stride.

ELG04 – Moving and Handling
Children show good control and coordination in large and small movements,

ELG06 – Children are confident to try new activities.

ELG02 – Understanding
Children follow instructions involving several ideas or actions.

ELG01 – Children listen attentively in a range of situations.

Pack Includes Summary sheet, 30 plus outdoor learning activities to connect children with trees, mud, seasons and weathers plus an additional bonus pack on activities and ways to help families do more of these activities at home. The Muddy Handbook is also attached as a reference and guide. Please use the handbook if you are new to our approach!

Suitable For All ages, tasks are very simple and easily adaptable for all individual needs.

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Class size Suitable for individuals, small groups and large class sizes.

Roles Aimed at any educator role and easily adapted to other curriculums abroad. Want to train on our approach? Click Here. 

Form PDF. Instant download upon purchase and additional instant download is sent to your email address.


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