Outdoor Learning Gardening Handout


Use this Outdoor Learning Gardening Handout to educate staff and parents about the many advantages to gardening. This FREE piece of research is one of many written by our U.S Muddy Puddle Teacher Bobbi Powers.


Outdoor Learning Gardening Handout

A teaching approach that uses an outside-in curriculum.

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In a nutshell:
Not sure how gardening can inform your work as an educator? We’ve got it covered. Check out this free resource written by Bobbi Powers, our U.S Muddy Puddle Teacher. Our Outdoor Learning Gardening Handout will revolutionise how you use gardening in your work. So it’s an absolute must for all our Muddy Puddle educators!
This piece of inspiring research simplifies why gardening is so important for children. Plants are also a reoccurring topic on the curriculum. Understanding the importance of gardening will help you with outdoor learning.
Who’s it for?
Our Outdoor Learning Gardening Handout is great for handing out to parents, colleagues and other organisations.
How will I receive the resource?
As this is a free resource, there’s no need to input any payment details. Simply add this resource to your cart and head to the checkout.
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