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This outdoor learning teacher training course will show your staff how to teach their academic subjects outdoors. Suitable for educators teaching children in Early Years right through to Primary. Choose between our Muddy Modern, Muddy Up-cycle or Muddy Natural packages. Sign up today!


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Inset Training | Outdoor Learning Teacher Training | UK

The new approach to outdoor learning.

Outdoor Learning Teacher Training | Outdoor learning Teaching Resources

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What is the training on?

This Inset Training session will show your staff how to teach their academic subjects outdoors. It doesn’t matter whether you want to train a group of staff or a whole school! Or if your staff members are beginners or experts in outdoor learning. Whatever their level, we’re here to help!

Who is this for? 

This training is designed for:

  • Whole staff
  • Teachers
  • TAs
  • Learning mentors.
Choosing the right package

We have three levels for you to choose from: Muddy Modern, Muddy Up-cycle or Muddy Natural package. Each level is different so it’s important you pick one that suits your needs. Are you new to outdoor learning? Do you have limited nature surrounding your school? Then you’ll need our Muddy Modern package. Or maybe you’re an expert when it comes to outdoor learning and you want to teach only using natural resources? If that sounds like you, you’ll need our Muddy Natural package. If your interests lie somewhere in-between these two, opt for our Muddy Up-cycle package. It’s an ideal choice for our intermediate users.

outdoor learning teacher training

When is the training? 

The training session will take place from 09:00-15:00.

Funding options

In the UK, we can use sports and pupil premium to cover costs and come together as clusters. Get in touch with our live chat team to find out more information!

What curriculum does this training cover?

This training is designed for educators in the UK and will help your staff teach children in EYFS & KS1 and KS2.

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Want Muddy more?

We now also offer a Muddy Quality Mark training package to make you a recognised Muddy Puddle School. Let the world know that your setting has outstanding outdoor learning practice!

Still unsure about the benefits of outdoor learning?

Signing up to training is a big deal! We know budgets are tight and educators have limited time. So you want to make sure you’re investing your time and money wisely – we get it! To learn more about the benefits of outdoor learning read this inspiring article. If you’re looking for more visual evidence check out this video of our founder, Sarah Seaman. It’ll give you a flavour of how our Muddy ideas work in practice!

Perhaps you’re looking for a more flexible option. One where a few teachers get to trial the training. That’s also fine. Click here to find out more details or get in touch by filling in the form below outlining your needs.