Year 3

  • 10 and 100 more or less | Year 3

    outdoor learning

    Do you want help to break up the day with some active learning?  Let us give you the ideas to get outside while still getting objectives covered and embedding skills. This pack has all you need to complete a full lesson outside on more or less.  Including introductions, main activities and a plenary for every type of weather.  With no clipboards in sight! But if you do get too soggy, we have a back-up template ready for you to dry off with indoors.

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  • Bring a Stick to School Day | Whole School


    Want the children you teach to have more opportunities to use their own imaginations? Bring a stick to school day is a day created by us to help children find their inner creativity from an item as simple as a stick! This pack will provide outdoor learning ideas for with the whole school to stimulate those imaginations and incorporate the curriculum in an engaging way.

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  • Counting in multiples of 4,8,50,100 | Year 3


    Do you need more counting ideas?  Ways to practice counting that will engage all learner types? Then this is the pack for you!  Get your children outside in all weathers counting the muddy way!  There is plenty of Science links in this pack too.

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