Outdoor Learning Special Events

  • *Best seller* Rainy Day Ideas Pack

    outdoor learning spellings

    We’ve designed an Outdoor Learning Rainy Day Ideas Pack so that you always have a magic card up your sleeve. All activities use natural and up-cycled materials, and link up to the curriculums. Time to get children excited about jumping in those muddy puddles! Find out more about why rain is so good for children!

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  • Bring a stick to school day | Ideas Pack | EYFS-KS2

    bring a stick to school day

    Outdoor Learning | Bring a stick to school day | All ages  The new approach to outdoor learning. Outdoor Learning Teacher Training | Outdoor learning Teaching Resources Become part of our Muddy family now by following #muddyteachers and join our massive Facebook group of 36K followers to get more inspiration and ideas from our Muddy Puddle teachers.

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  • Ditch the Plastic Activity Pack

    Use our Ditch the Plastic Activity pack to help raise the next generation’s awareness of plastic pollution. Inspire children to reuse, recycle and create a plastic-free world. This pack could influence the next muddy inventor who creates a new environmentally product that replaces the plastic!

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  • Muddy Circle Time | Ideas Pack

    Need some ideas to inspire conversation between your children? Why not go outdoors for a change? Research now suggests that being outside helps to relax us and connect with our feelings. So use our Outdoor Learning Circle Time Pack for inspiration! This pack will get your class outdoors being active and messy. All while they connect and share their feelings!

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  • Outdoor Learning Cooking Menu

    Use this pack to create the next generation of Master Chefs! Your students will learn about global recipes and culture while they fill their tummies! Our outdoor learning cooking menu has recipes for every class and ability. Safety tasks are included so that you can model safe behaviour to your students. 

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  • Outdoor Learning Freebie | Benefits of Going for a Walk


    Use this Outdoor Learning Freebie to discover the benefits of going for a walk. This FREE piece of research is one of many written by our U.S Muddy Teacher Bobbi Powers. Share this handout with staff and parents to convince them about the benefits of outdoor learning.

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  • Outdoor Learning Safety Games

    Use our Outdoor Learning Safety Games pack to ensure activities are safe and have been risk assessed before you head outside. This real life skills pack will teach your children to make their own risk assessments. Children will learn to instinctively look for dangers. Not just in the classroom, but when they’re out of your care.
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  • Outdoor Learning Safety Pack Bundle

    Sign up to this course to ensure that your children and staff know all about how to use natural resources safely! Make sure they know all about loose parts and up-cycled materials, and how to retrieve them carefully. Access our safety samples and risk assessments guidance now!

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