positive teaching

Positive teaching to support behaviour

Use Positive teaching to support behaviour to help fine tune your own way to teach that could have a massive impact on the way your children behave.  It is something we all do, life as an educator is busy but taking time to be positive feeds positivity. Be positive, think positive and the negatives fade away. You are going to find this resource a game changer.  Muddy Puddle best seller. 

Many other approaches use and adopt this style to improve behaviour and spread a king ethos across their curriculum such as forest school.  There is also the steiner approach and reggio approach who cultivate more pure, fresh ways to teaching. 

Here are three top tips into becoming a Muddy Positive Teacher:

  1. Start the day sharing a positive quote – there are loads to choose from. Go on a search engine and copy and paste. 
  2. Start changing your language slightly. Try and say do, achieve, can, believe rather than cant, no, dont. 
  3. Focus on the good things.  Have lots of cheerful celebrations for each others achievements.  Including your own. 

If you are looking for early years outdoors resources splash this way.  We have various resources that would support in the moment planning and the curiosity approach.

Our approach is based outdoors but er have a strong those to concentrate on mental strength, more kids moving and Mother Nature. Three issues in education we truly believe are vital areas for a more nurturing curriculum.

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