We are passionate about working with other organisations to help give a voice to the most vulnerable.


If you do want to discuss partnerships then please contact info@themuddypuddleteacher.co.uk or fill the form in below.

Our Charities.

Here are some of the charities we have partnered with.


Visit their website here. The NPAC is committed to help countries overseas who do not have the educational resources needed to help deliver a curriculum. These committed ex-police officers collect and ship materials to these countries providing a much more positive future for many children. If you do have unwanted materials at the end of the year please call the NPAC who will be willing to collect them.

Barnardo’s Children

Visit their website here. This amazing charity that has long supported children in need have joined forces with us to help raise funds in their own shops by supporting us with outdoor clothing. If you head to a Barnardo’s shop and ask them to store outdoor clothing they will do for up to two weeks, in which you can then go and collect. Also, we encourage any schools we work with to pinpoint parents to their shops when their children have outgrown any clothing.

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