How does our approach ensure quality learning when outdoors?

Simple! We follow the three Muddy M's.
The Muddy M's stop that inside teacher coming out and makes us concentrate on what it is about the outside, that makes it such a powerful place to learn.

Muddy Movers

Keep children moving and encourage outdoor learning! Its why the outside space is so great. A place where all of you physically express yourselves and gain some great physical well-being benefits at the same time.

Muddy Nature

Many of us do not always have nature in our yards or have the capacity for outdoor learning so we bring it in. Allowing children to create and use nature is great for science links and their own wellbeing. Not to mention teaching children about sustainability and caring for the environment.

Muddy Mental Strength

The outside space and natural resources are precious for the mental and physical well-being of child and teacher. So remember this! Simply by doing outdoor learning and using natural resources you bring in a mindfulness lesson/PSHE lesson and a great start to everybody's day.

muddy puddles

A teaching approach that uses an outside-in curriculum.

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