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Learn at your leisure through our online outdoor learning training courses. Wherever you are in the world, our online training is convenient and easy to access. A range of options means that online learning can be completed individually or in small or large groups, including staff teams and partnership clusters.


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Cost – £80

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Key Features

We are low cost.

Better engages children with academic subjects through active and creative methods. 

Educators find this approach manageable and it sustains. 

It supports all learner types and children look forward to the sessions. 

It engages parents to want to take their own children outdoors. 

It will make better use of your grounds. 

It gives teachers back their teacher sparkle and focus. 

It provides mental and physical strength to both the eductor and child.

Connect children with nature. 

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Our training is low cost. Complete the MPT AWard online for £80 or have us in and share the cost amongst cluster schools and acamdeies. Sports premium can also be used on us. 

Our in-house training will give you instant support to empower you to be able to lead your own dynamic outdoor learning sessions using The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach, with confidence, expert knowledge and lots of great ideas. 

Or train online, follow the same programme but take it at your own pace. A popular choice with home educators, childminders and individual teachers. 

Based in Sheffield, we deliver a powerful training programme across Northern England and the U.K. Our engaging and fun training sessions enable you to gain a solid understanding of how to plan and deliver high-quality outdoor learning and play experiences using The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach and resources within your own primary or EYFS setting. 

Memorable training for primary school &EYFS teachers that lasts a lifetime.

Any educator that works with children from EYFS to KS2. 

We encourage our trainees to work within their own grounds.  You do not need a natural setting.  You may have lots of natural space or just a cement pitch, we will offer various support options. 

We offer excellent support with new resources being created every week. Our social media sites have been commented as some of the most supportive groups in education!
Come and join The Muddy Puddle Teachers 🙂
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