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We are very passionate at The Muddy Puddle Teacher about reducing waste and single-use plastics in schools. We listen vcarefully to the Global Goals and how we can best support these. Click here to read more. Together with Barnardo’s and NPAC we are trying to work together to do this.

Barnardo’s have many charity shops across the country, and we advertise on all of our training sessions that teachers should be looking for second hand outdoor learning clothing first. Buying clothes from new is not sustainable and is showing the children that everything needs to be brand new and it does not.

The NPAC are another wonderful charity. Made up of retired police me and women. They tirelessly travel up and down the country collecting unused furniture and resources from schools that they then ship to other countries who do not have these kinds of things. A simple desk can mean a lot to many of the schools the NPAC support.

Outdoor Learning Partnerships

Organisations we work with..

We love working with equally passionate companies also trying to support the Global Goals. We will be honest; we are interested very little in what we can do as a business but what we can do as a community. Any aspect of outdoor learning, teacher training, teaching resources, wellbeing, mental health, plastic awareness, eco-freindly business are for us!

We have three goals:

-Improve children’s mental strength and help schools teach more lessons in fun, engaging and outdoor learning ways.

– Help schools to reduce single-use plastic waste by using more up-cycled and natural resources.

If you think your business is working towards these goals then we would love for yu to get in touch and let’s work hard and achieving this aims together. Email

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‘Learning outside for just one lesson a week boosts learning and behaviour, say, researchers’, Telegraph article click here to read more.