Use this page to get FREE outdoor learning advice and ideas.  We believe in collaborative learning and for some of you it is not the time to invest in the outdoors.  But that does not mean you cannot make a start on The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approachand we are here to help.  Use this page, which is updated regularly to get access to the first stages of your Muddy Puddles journey and to help achieve outdoor learning success. 

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We have schools throughout the UK now using our approach to better support the learning inside by using the outside space! We are now carefully gathering up data to soon provide research on how this muddy puddle approach can impact on children of varying abilities and personalities. The Muddy Puddle Teacher approach together with outdoor learning really is providing something special not just for the child but teacher too.  We will be compiling the teacher questionnaire shortly and revaling all results in our outdoor learning news section. 

Benefits of this approach. 

       Improves speech and language

       Engages children’s attention and participation

       Draws in cross-curricula links

       Improves child’s mental and physical wellbeing

       Improves teacher mental and physical wellbeing

       Brings a team together and develops team building skills

       Develops creativity

       Develops imagination

       Provides opportunities for mastery

       Promotes mindfulness

       Extends higher abilities


       Reduces cost and waste

       Connect children with nature

       Supports SEND through sensory teachingoutdoor learning muddy 

A teaching approach that uses an outside-in curriculum.

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