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Learn how to take curriculum objectives outside using only natural resources

The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach gives you the tools and guidance to take your curriculum outdoors, use natural resources and embrace teaching all year round! Through this approach, your children will receive a unique academic experience that is cross-curricula. More importantly, you’ll have a positive impact on their physical health and mental wellbeing. Learning will become more memorable for children and you’ll find that they are fuelled with enthusiasm as their confidence increases!

Table of Contents

  1. Stage One – How do I set up this approach?  
  2. Stage Two – How can I use natural resources to teach curriculum objectives?
  3. Stage Three – How can I better support the children’s and my own wellbeing by teaching outside?
  4. Stage Four – How can I manage the approach, ensure it sustains and set suitable goals to manage the approach? 
At the end of training, trainees will be able to:
  1. Teach curriculum objectives outside using The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach in any year group, in any setting, in any weather.
  2. Use natural resources to teach outside. 
  3. Have a better understanding of the impacts outdoor learning can have on the wellbeing of themselves, the children and the whole school community. 
  4. Understand how to engage parents with outdoor learning. 
  5. Know how to support children whom the outside space can be challenging for them. 
  6. Develop an improved understanding of nature and how to teach in a more sustainable way. 
  7. To create a clothing plan and manage how children will access the outdoors in all weathers. 
  8. To develop outdoor learning policies and a handbook that can be used to manage safety and promote risk-benefit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It is up to the trainee how slow or fast they complete the training. Each stage consists of around 2 hours reading with 2 hours of practical teaching time to do.  The teaching tasks can and will tie in with your normal routines. However, there are no deadlines.  The aim is for this to be a flexible option.  We understand the extensive workload teachers have and for some this a perfect route to help with CPD. 

This is a CPD course so we only ask for a questionnaire to be completed at the end which asks for your evaluation on the process and for you to reflect. This allows us to see if any further support would be helpful to ensure the success of the training. 

The online training costs £99 for all four stages.  Or you can buy the training and subscribe to our resources for 1 year for £199. 

This is CPD training and not a qualification.  It will enhance your professional development and help you teach more subjects outdoors. There is just a reflection and evaluation form to complete at the end. 

The training has been designed for professionals within the education sector. Teachers, teaching assistants, nursery nurses, childminders and nannies.  The course links to the EYFS and NC so a good knowledge of this is required. We also suggest that you are physically in good health. 

If you create an account with us, then you can keep returning to our site to complete sections at a time.  It will also be emailed to you.  It can then be downloaded as PDF files.  Any additional materials such as handbooks, policies and other information that needs to be edited by you, will come in Word format. 

We are always available with Live Chat on the website where there is a teacher consultant available 24/7. Otherwise you can email us or call us.

Email at info@themuddypuddleteacher.co.uk and call us at 07530645492.

Alternatively, why not post on our Facebook group. We get lots of praise for the supportive environment in the group. So, if you have a question such as ‘How can I use acorns in maths? ‘ post it and you’re sure to get lots of responses! Click here to join the group.

Use Live Chat on the website where there is a teacher consultant available 24/7. 

Email at info@themuddypuddleteacher.co.uk

Call us at 07530645492.

Facebook Message us click here. 


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