The Muddy Puddle Teacher Course

Do you want to get lesson objectives outside, in any weather? 


Do you understand the importance the outdoors can bring to your whole school community? 


Your life is made simple with us, by offering just the one outdoor learning course.

This one course is all you need to teach outdoors all year round. 

Your an educator and so are we, we are not just another outdoor learning provider. We come with a teaching ethos and it has all been created in schools by teachers. 

Our approach can help tackle many current educational issues such as:

– Children’s mental health

– Staff wellbeing 

– Better supporting SEND

– Balancing a video-based classroom with nature-based

-Large class sizes

-Reduced budgets 

This outdoor learning course has been designed for schools and staff that want a way to teach their curriculum outside in their own setting, using objectives, aims and other typical teaching routines but gaining the wellbeing and physical health benefits the outdoors bring. 

You will have the skills to take curriculum objectives outside, whatever the weather and whatever the location, using only natural and upcycled resources. We are for all settings, spaces and year groups. Your manageability of workload is paramount to us.  

All you need to decide now is... how do you want to complete the CPD courses?

outdoor learning online

Online Course

Train online for a more flexible learning option. Pick it up and put it down as and when you have the time. No deadlines and just a final questionnaire to complete at the end.

Great for individuals and small settings.


4 hours reading
2 hours practical teaching tasks

outdoor learning training

INSET Course

Give the whole school the opportunity to do lessons outside all year round.

We will come to you and provide a range of practical and classroom activities to deliver the approach in a more personable way.

Perfect for small settings and schools.


9am - 3pm


Twilight Course

Join with cluster schools and have us come to your setting over two two-hour after school training sessions. The two evenings will be spaced out over two seasons to gain maximum relfection.
Suitable for clusters of schools and academies that want to come together for an affordable training package.


2 x 2-hour evenings

Table of Contents

Stage One – How do I set up this approach? 

Stage Two – How can I use natural resources to teach curriculum objectives?

Stage Three – How can I better support the children’s and my own wellbeing by teaching outside?

Stage Four – How can I manage the approach, ensure it sustains and set suitable goals to manage the approach?

At the end of training, trainees will be able to:

Teach curriculum objectives outside using The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach in any year group, in any setting, in any weather.

Use natural resources to teach outside.

Have a better understanding of the impacts outdoor learning can have on the wellbeing of themselves, the children and the whole school community.

Understand how to engage parents with outdoor learning.

Know how to support children for whom the outside space can be challenging.

Develop an improved understanding of nature and how to teach in a more sustainable way.

To create a clothing plan and manage how children will access the outdoors in all weathers.

To develop outdoor learning policies and a handbook that can be used to manage safety and promote risk-benefit.

can be used on this CPD course!

Want to see the impact our approach is making?

The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach is helping more schools get outside and messy whithout that feeling of increasing workload. Our flagship schools are in every pocket of the UK flying the Muddy Puddle Teacher Flag loud and proud.

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Frequently asked questions

You do not need a natural setting with us.  This approach can be done in lush fields or tarmac spaces.  We will help you bring what you need in. 

This is a professional training programme that requires the trainee to refer to their curriculums and is designed for those working in an educational setting. 

There are many challanges to teaching outside and the weather is one.  But we have spent long and hard, working alongside our flagship schools to create the most manageable options.  Oue ethos is that we go out when we can.  Our approach will show teachers how to manage it.  Our plans give ideas to take your learning outside for every weather type!  

This is CPD training and not a qualification.  It will enhance your professional development and help you teach more subjects outdoors. There is just a reflection and evaluation form to complete at the end. We are soon to be CPD qualified and are awaiting the formalities. 

Sports premium can be used and we have worked alongside academies and clusters that have merged together to cover the expenses. 

The new approach to outdoor learning.

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