Gain ‘The Muddy Puddle Teacher Quality Mark’ and tell the world what kind of setting you are!

There is a simple application form to fill in, then we do the rest. We will look to which award you are working towards. This could be bronze, silver or gold and we will then award you and give you feedback to achieve the next award.

We will work hard at supporting you so that everyone has the chance to achieve the award.

Your staff do not need to be trained Muddy Puddle Teachers but are using the approach and embracing the ethos.

If you do want to know more about training your staff please click here.

Below is a preview of the application form and process. 

quality mark

The quality mark is for educational settings that want to improve and reward their Muddy outdoor learning. It doesn’t matter what age group you’re teaching or what country your educational setting is based in. Once you’ve completed and returned this form to us, it will then be assessed. We may suggest improvement points needed to achieve the award where appropriate. These awards have been created to help each educational setting to improve their ability to conduct quality outdoor muddy puddle teacher learning. There are seven areas to complete. 

The Quality Mark has been created to offer support. Having something to work towards often allows settings to become more focused, audit their work and strive towards improving their practices. We’ll work and support you so that you go away having achieved an award and have some concrete next steps. and achievements. There are no failures 🙂

Upon completion, you’ll receive a shiny trophy, a quality mark stamp, pack of Muddy Puddle activities and goodies, a letter of congratulations to parents and a Muddy Puddle party plan for the children! Please remember that all the questions asked are about outdoor teaching only.

Once you’ve completed the application form and made a payment, please email it to or send by post to PO BOX 5957, SHEFFIELD S20 9FN. If you want the pack returning please make this clear on your form. 
Your application form will then be assessed and we’ll work with you to ensure that all areas have enough supporting evidence. We want to support you as much as possible so that you gain an award. If we need additional information about certain areas or we find that you need more support, we may need to get in touch to collect this and help you develop further. 

Once we receive your application, you should expect the process to take approximately one month, however this may vary depending on the level of support you require.  

The application form covers eight areas. See an example of the application below. Supporting evidence and written examples are required upon completion.

outdoor learning quality mark
outdoor learning quality mark
outdoor learning quality mark
outdoor learning quality mark
outdoor learning quality mark
outdoor learning quality mark
outdoor learning quality mark

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