The Outside-in approach
Our Muddy Flagship Schools are the schools using our approach and gaining the best of it's benefits.
These schools are leading the way to the many benefits our approach can bring

Lincoln Minster School

Take a look at this marvellous school with lead Muddy Puddle Teacher Becky, blowing us away on a regular basis with her new imaginative ways to do outdoor learning.  This incredible school has fully embraced our approach opting to use more natural items when they step out of the classroom. 

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Making the outdoors our own
This school takes ownership of their space.
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Wood Street Infant School Guildford

Charlotte, assistant head and lead Muddy Puddle Teacher is doing an amazing job in the south of England.  Her infant school not only now embraces the outdoors for mindfulness lessons, yoga and maths but they bring the outside-in too. Opting for more natural and sustainable displays. 

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Woodland View Primary Northampton

This incredible school has such a wonderful drive to get outdoors and a Headteacher that really knows the benefits.  This school has done a lot to develop their outdoor spaces and even have a racing car track in their yard.  We cannot applaud them enough for the work they do towards outdoor learning and the support they offer us.  Leanne is an incredible lead Muddy Puddle Teacher and we love her love for rain! See a recent walk around their outdoor space here on Facebook

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outdoor learning

Pownall Hall School, Wilmslow/Cheshire

This school’s pre-school unit is proud to boast its most perfect space and we are delighted how they have adopted the Muddy Puddle Approach to enhance outdoor learning and their indoor approach.  They are honest to say it has been a process, but they are for sure enjoying the rewards.  This school boasts one of the most fabulous outdoor spaces we have ever seen!  The school embraced a more reflective route to training, doing stage by stage and developing in-between.  But they sure have got it.  This school too has opted for natural and up-cycled teaching resources outside while bringing the inside in.  The school feels connected with nature outside and in and we honestly did not know what to play with first!

A teaching approach that uses an outside-in curriculum.

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