The MPT Quality Mark is an assurance that your product it top quality and has been written by qualified and experienced Teachers who are Muddy Puddle Teacher trained.

All of our products carry this mark. This is an assurance about the quality of each product you buy and it’s our way of guaranteeing excellence.

At Muddy HQ, we only produce resources that follow our ethos and uphold the best possible educational standards. Our Muddy Guarantee also protects you from any updates. This means that any updates made to a product after a purchase, will automatically be sent to you. Find out more about our Muddy Guarantee by clicking here.

Teaching Content

Due to the forward-thinking practice we’re creating, all of the products start off at the trial stage. This is when the teachers get to trial these sessions first. Most material is then written by our CEO, Sarah Seaman, and other qualified teachers who are Muddy Puddle Teacher Trained. It’s then checked several times by qualified copy-writers and proof-readers who work within the publishing industry.

Our Ethos

Our products all follow The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach Ethos and our three very important Muddy Ms: 

Muddy Active

Muddy Mental Health

Muddy Nature

Current Thinking

We’re committed to making products that are relevant and up-to-date and we’ll never try to upsell content that you don’t need. At Muddy HQ, we’re passionate about providing high quality products and equipping teachers with the tools they need to succeed in outdoor learning. Any updates we make to your product will stem from changes in educational thinking or new research. If your product is updated, we will immediately email the amended version to you for FREE!

Fit for Purpose

A massive difference between us and other providers is that we’re all practising teachers and so is our CEO. Our materials are written by teachers that have or will teach these lessons. Due to our very forward-thinking approach, it’s crucial we do this to ensure that we continue to develop products that meet the needs of our users. 


We encourage all Muddy Puddle Teachers to avoid printing but we’re aware that sometimes this isn’t always possible. So we keep our style minimal in case printing is essential.

We’re also mindful of wellbeing and how colours can affect moods. For these reasons, we have purposely used a colour scheme that will create positive moods and calm mind.

The new approach to outdoor learning.

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