A big part of our approach is how we use just the things around us. Nothing extra is needed to use The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach. We mainly use sticks, stones, mud and leaves. It opens up the imaginations, allows us to work outside without harming the wildlife and is incredibly environmentally friendly.

So we have teamed up with two charities we believe can help us with the waste problem we have in educational settings.

At the end of the academic year, go round most schools and you will find a skip. Full of perfectly usable chairs, desks and play units. What we want is schools to acknowledge and start to use services out there that will collect for FREE your unused educational items and send them to countries that will reuse them. www.npac.co.uk are a charity that will do just this. Go to their site and email them for pickup at enqs@npac.org.uk

Another niggle we had at Muddy HQ was clothing! Not enough schools have the correct clothing to go outside all weathers and it always comes down to cost. Proudly we now work with Barnardo’s and we plan to trial some pop up Muddy Puddle Clothing Shops, whereby parents and Barnardo’s can save up unwanted outdoor clothing and bring to the school on one day of the year to celebrate getting children outside and muddy again. Just the way we used too. Please look out on our social media pages for more information on this soon.

But for now, spread the word and download our Muddy Charities flyer! Pin it on your staff room wall and hand to your headteachers, it really does save the environment as well as supporting more and other children. All children and muddy children and we will continue to strive to give all children the gift and enjoyment of knowledge 🙂