Muddy FAQs

There’s nothing to very hard or difficult about what we do at The Muddy Puddle Teacher, but we’ve got all the answers for you with these Muddy FAQs.

Outdoor Learning – What is the Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach? 

It’s a new way of outdoor learning that takes academic subjects outside using only natural and upcycled materials. It is a registered trademark. 

Created by Sheffield Teacher Sarah Seaman, an experienced teacher for over 12 years, this approach was developed over 2 years and launched in April 2019. Sarah is a key speaker and has written for many organisations on her inspiring journey to improving the way we teach. 


What is the difference between Forest School and The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach? 


  • Forest School is a holistic approach and ethos that comes from the Netherlands, subsequently brought over to the UK in the 80s. It concentrates on risk-taking and personal development through a range of bush-type activities, including the use of fire and tools. Many different training organisations conduct Forest School training. 


  • Created by teachers, The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach is a professional course. Most importantly, it is designed to work and be managed by qualified educators, within their own school settings. It is, therefore, linked to the curriculum, planned for and assessed. The approach has been created around the teacher and consequently has little to no prep time required. It gives the teacher more freedom and time to teach outside. Above all, The Muddy Puddle Approach training is CPD-accredited. Moreover, training is only available through us, and so ensures quality is always high and consistent.

Can anyone train on The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach? 


One of the best Muddy FAQs! No. To clarify, you must be a professional educator. For instance, qualified teachers, TAs, Learning Mentors, Nursery Nurses and Childminders. 


How long does the training take? 


  • Online Training takes, on average, 2-3 months and engages the practitioner in reading and practical tasks to do with their class. As a result, there are four stages in total. 
  • Complete face to face training in 1 full day or over 2 evening Twilights. So, it engages the practitioner in a presented talk, outdoor tasks, group work and solo reflection.  


What does the subscription package offer? 


Subscribe and gain access to all of The Muddy Puddle Resources, including eBooks, and support tools. These include Muddy TV, the vlog and blog, newsletter, podcast, these Muddy FAQs and much more. In addition, we’re on hand with social media support.



  • Individual Subscription
  • Small Setting Subscription, under 5 
  • Large setting subscription 5+


Is there any funding?

You can use Sports Premium. Likewise, we’ve worked alongside academies and clusters that have merged together to cover the expenses.