Clothing tips for all budgets! If there is one thing you spend your budgets on its clothing!

Big Budgets

If you have a BIG BUDGET and live in the UK or other countries that have plenty of cold weather, go for Ski Suits.  This way children do not have to bring extra clothes in.  Pop this over their uniform and coats on very cold days and be sure everyone is comfortable. In the summer then just let children wear their own coats. Goes up to £40 but worth it!

Small Budgets

These are good enough if your budget is smaller. Children would need to layer lots underneath so maybe head to the charity shops and have a bank of extra clothes for when you need it. 

Perfect and Long Lasting!

ON sale now at £13.95!

Have you ever thought about refferring your parents to this page?  These wellies are perfect for children to put on and off even with cold hands! 

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