Outdoor Clothing

Here's our outdoor clothing tips for all budgets! If there is one thing you spend your outdoor learning budget on, it's clothing! Spend your budget well and make it work for you!
muddy clothing

The Outdoor Clothing Dream buy


If you have the budget, then this is the outdoor gear for you. It’s so important to get children outside in all weathers – not the big winds though – so making sure that they are ready and prepared to learn is Muddy important! You know your school or setting best, so you know what you can ask of your parents. You could make this outdoor clothing part of the school uniform or you could ask your PTA or Friends to fundraise. This is your first choice! and will keep your children outside, happy and learning. Prices start at £29, buy the age size bigger and will last a good three years. This amazing suit goes all the way up to age 12!

muddy clothing

The Outdoor Clothing Budget Buy


Trust us! This is not the solution – the dream buy is your outdoor clothing solution! This is just an all in one outer waterproof. It might keep the rain off for a while but it will be cold and won’t stop windy breezes chilling little bones. If this is all you have to work with, ask children to bring in fleecy PJs and onsies on cold days so that they can have an extra layer of warmth and stay outside, learning for longer. Start at £12.44 and only goes to ages 5-6.