What do you need to do to be a Muddy Puddle Flagship School?

  • Be passionate about outdoor learning. Your setting does not have to be perfect – no one school is and all of your situations are very different.  All we need to know is that you are trying and that it is an important aspect of the education you are providing for the children in your school. 
  • As a Muddy Puddle Flagship School, we ask that you have a link to our website on your website. This is so parents can see the FREE resources we offer them to get their own children out more. 
  • To send us pictures of your outdoor learning from time to time but no obligation.
  • To test some of our products and review them.

muddy puddle teacher flagship

What will we give you in return?

  • Free access for your whole setting to our resources and courses.
  • Free support and guidance. 
  • Possible revenue opportunity – Now and again we open the doors of a Muddy Puddle Flagship School to offer other schools to come and have a look around. We charge the visiting schools for this and the money goes to you. We take a small admin fee to sell the tickets on your behalf. 
  • Training venue – Several months after being established as a Muddy Puddle Flagship School, we may offer some training at your school. We will also invite other schools in, who will pay for tickets. 
  • Media opportunities – We get lots of attention from the media. If we’re asked to do local TV and Radio near you, as a Muddy Puddle Flagship, we’ll get in touch to give you the opportunity to participate. 
  • Research opportunities – We may ask if you we can come and data collect to show the progress of your outdoor learning on the students. 
  • We are developing all the time. This is an exciting opportunity for you to develop professionally and there’ll always be something new with us.