We are committed to not just making our approach as eco-friendly as possible but making teaching more green too! It is true, us teachers like to laminate, glue sticks are always in our back pockets and marker pens are a daily need.

At The Muddy Puddle Teacher we are determined to help teachers and schools make their settings more eco-friendly by giving real and practical ideas.

Just using the Muddy Puddle Approach alone could help reduce a schools outgoing costs. Using natural waste as your resources would lessen the opportunities needed to laminate, use those glue sticks and dish out there pens.

We also support both NPAC and Barnardo’s Children to help reuse and recycle.

The NPAC work tirelessly at taking large and small items from schools to schools who need it abroad find more here.

Barnardo’s Children will help take any unwanted outdoor clothing and will even store outdoor clothing for you if your school is on a tight budget. Find your local shop here.

Muddy Puddles
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